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On May 30, 2002, Ricardo Manuel Espinosa died falling off the 5th floor of a building in Avellaneda. He was 34 years old. On the date of the incident he was drunk playing a Winning Eleven match with on a PlayStation 2 at Luichi's (Luis Garibaldo) house, located on the 5th floor of the monoblock in Avellaneda. He said jokingly to his friend Luichi "If I lose, I'm gonna jump through the window" - He lost and stood on the rails of the balcony, but was too disoriented and further destabilized by the wind, which caused him to slip, this is confirmed by Luichi and also Ricky Espinoza's father Orlando Espinoza. [1] He had been talking about putting an end to his life for years, even writing songs with titles like "I'm Gonna Commit Suicide", "I Have To Go", and "You Will Remember Me". This caused many to believe it was on purpose. During funeral preparations, the large number of fans and punks at the funeral home caused the owners to suspend it. He had to be mourned at his brothers patio, where Christian Aldana, guitarist and singer of Otro Yo as well as Niko Villano, singer of Villanos also assisted. Three days after Ricky's death, the rest of the band put on a big show with other local groups in his honor. Flema was officially disbanded after that. Every 30 May, hundreds of fans visit Ricky's tomb at green ward Juan XIII in Avellaneda cemetery. [2]

Flema - ResakaFlema - ResakaFlema - ResakaFlema - Resaka