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In August 1941 an artillery unit was formed to attack Italian forts more effectively. Initially it used a QF -inch howitzer carried on a 10-ton Mack NR 4 truck, with an accompanying light tank as an armoured observation post . However, these were handed over to the Free French at Kufra . The unit was then issued a 25 pounder portee . The LRDG successfully attacked and captured the fort at El Gtafia using the gun, but later the truck had to be abandoned and the experiment ended. [19]

The following is a list of many of the SWAT units within United States law enforcement agencies, including links to photos and info to selected units.
(list taken from wikipedia , used under creative commons license ).

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PSUs are a deployable force protection unit that is capable of operating within . territorial waters as well as in foreign waters. Port Security Units operate fleets of armed Boston Whaler Transportable Port Security Boats (TPSB) with which they patrol ports and associated waterways. USCG Port Security Unit patrolling waters off Guantanamo Bay in a TPSB.
[click image for fullsize photo] Tactical Law Enforcement Teams (TACLET) The Deployable Operations Group's 2 Tactical Law Enforcement Teams deploy Law Enforcement Detachments (LETDET) that carry out maritime interdiction and counter narcotics smuggling operations. They also have a maritime security, migration interdiction and counter-piracy role. TACLETs . USCG LEDET searches a vessel in the Persian Gulf, 2003
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National Strike Force (NSF) The National Strike Force provides specially-trained personnel and specialized equipment in order to prepare and respond to environmental disasters such as oil spills or the release of Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD). The NSF is under the USCG's Atlantic Area command. Regional Dive Lockers The Deployable Operations Group has 2 Regional Dive Lockers, located in Portsmouth, VA and San Diego, CA. These units provide divers trained in Ports and Waterways Coastal Security (PWCS); Aids to Navigation (ATON); and ship husbandry and repair in remote polar regions. A member of Regional Diver Locker West, San Diego, prepares for an underwater pier inspection.
. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Sherri Eng « American Special Ops

The Special Patrol Group - Special Patrol GroupThe Special Patrol Group - Special Patrol GroupThe Special Patrol Group - Special Patrol GroupThe Special Patrol Group - Special Patrol Group